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  • Recreate NY Smart Home Program

    The State of New York and its Recreate NY Smart Home Program partners in local governments are now accepting registrations for housing assistance for residents located in disaster-declared counties. These registrations will be used to determine potential program eligibility for each registrant. This includes counties affected by Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee.

    If your residential property was affected by Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee, you may be eligible for assistance to address your remaining unmet housing recovery need(s) in a variety of categories, including home repair/rehabilitation, mitigation/elevation and/or buyouts. Assistance may also be available to owners of rental properties in the impacted region. Receipt of funding under this program may not duplicate disaster-related assistance you have already received or may be eligible for from other federal, state, local and/or private sources of disaster-related assistance, including, but not limited to, homeowners and/or flood insurance proceeds.


  • Recreate NY Multifamily Housing Mitigation/Elevation Grant Program

    Funding may be available for residential property owners in disaster-declared counties whose property was damaged or destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and/or Tropical Storm Lee. Funding will be provided to assist property owners to cover damages that are outstanding after federal, state, local and private sources have been exhausted. The assistance is targeted to mitigation assistance of affordable housing to elevate homes or key systems. Affordability and flood insurance requirements may be placed on all assisted units following completion of mitigation activities. These requirements and program parameters are subject to federal approval and may change. Funding for this program will not be distributed by the federal government and made available to the State of New York and its partners until federal agencies have approved the program discussed in this document.


  • Recreate NY Smart Home Buyout Program

    Funding for buy-outs may be available for homeowners in disaster declared counties. Funding will be provided to give residents the opportunity to leave their properties through a voluntary buyout program for homes that were substantially damaged and/or located within designated buyout areas where damage occurred.

    Buyouts are strictly voluntary. No homeowners are ever forced to relinquish their property, but homeowners who decide not to participate in the buyout may be required to take risk reduction measures, such as elevating their homes and purchasing insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), if locally available.

    More information will be available within the coming weeks.