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NY Rising

New York Rising

Community Reconstruction Program

(Formerly known as Community Reconstruction Zones)

Red Hook

Red Hook


Ian Marvy

Co-Chair.  Ian Marvy is co-founder and executive director of Added Value, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development in south Brooklyn by nurturing a new generation of young leaders. Their farm, across from Ikea’s Red Hook location was flooded in the storm. Prior to founding Added Value, he designed and implemented innovative service learning programs for first-time juvenile offenders and non-incarcerated juvenile felons.

Gita Nandan

Co-Chair.  Gita Nandan Ms. Nandan is a founding partner of thread collective llc., an architecture firm that explores the seams between building and landscape, and stitches together the patterns of the built environment with its natural and social context.  Their philosophy of understanding building and site as an integrated whole, woven with artistic, functional, and financial consideration creates the fabric from which poetic and sustainable architecture and public space emerge. Ms. Nandan has served within the New York’s sustainability community in various roles, most recently board vice president at GreenHomeNYC; member of the Homes Committee for the Urban Green Council Green Codes Task Force (2009) and the Building Resiliency Task Force (2013).  Gita further puts her beliefs into practice as an architectural educator, currently a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute, GCPE+UEMS departments.  Gita received her Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley and is registered architect in New York and New Jersey, an accredited LEED professional, and Enterprise Green Communities Technical Assistant. 

Adam Armstrong
John Bowie
Victoria Hagman
Elizabeth Demetriou
Dannelle Johnson
John McGettrick
Florence Neal
Mickey Reid
Julia Rhodes-Davis
Carolina Salguero
Dorothy Shields
Jim Tampakis
Geoff Wiley


Conceptual Plans

NY Rising Community conceptual plans are snapshots of the thoughts of the participating communities and planning committees, and will continue to evolve.  Implementation of the proposed projects and actions found in conceptual plans are subject to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Inclusion of a project or action in a conceptual plan does not guarantee that a particular project or action will be eligible for Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding.