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New York City

New York City has 15 NY Rising Communities distributed over the five boroughs. As of May 2019, there are 88 projects in various stages of implementation across the City. The recovery and resiliency efforts will provide a unique combination of social and infrastructure-based assistance to communities, some of which are low-income, hard hit by Superstorm Sandy. Examples of projects underway include shoreline resiliency projects, home elevations for low-income individuals, drainage improvements, workforce training programs, a comprehensive home elevation study for an entire community in Queens, a resiliency trades certification program focused on skills that are critical to retrofitting homes and buildings for flood hazard mitigation, and retrofitting non-profit community centers across the City as part of the NY Rising Community Centers Program.

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NOTE: The NY Rising Community Reconstruction plans referenced on these pages are comprehensive planning documents created by and for the affected communities. For this reason, the documents describe projects that were discussed; however, not all of these were selected by the community as priorities to be funded.