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Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

Focus Area: Social Resiliency Programs

The overall purpose of the Social Resiliency focus area is to strengthen the social infrastructure of communities within the LWTB project area through social service programs that align with the goals of the LWTB project. GOSR intends to support the selected organization(s) in the planning and administration of the Social Resiliency Program through these objectives:
  1. Provide Environmental Stewardship opportunities to (pre)K-12 students, higher education students, and other members of the community through:​
    -Education about resiliency topics relevant to the LWTB project area, possible options including but not limited to: stormwater interventions included in the LWTB design; environmental awareness; wildlife conservation and ecology; watershed history; STEM/STEAM education and teacher training; on-site and hands-on education and teacher training; affordable housing; economic impacts of natural disasters; etc.
    -Environmental Education and Resiliency Center (as discussed previously)
    -Community service that complements the educational resiliency topics; and
    -Monitoring, research, and data collection that allows students to engage in research projects pertaining to LWTB and monitors long-term effects of the interventions. 
  2. Develop Workforce Training vocational curriculum for high school students, high school graduates, and/or unemployed/under-employed residents seeking to gain skills in trades engaged in resiliency work.
An example of a natural partner in this focus area is the Seatuck Environmental Association, which is planning its “Day in the Life of the Mill River” 2017 program for school students on Long Island. Participation is expected to grow in the second year of the program by targeting participation from schools in the Hempstead, East Rockaway, Rockville Centre and Oceanside districts. Starting in the spring, Seatuck also plans to commence a series of public presentations, field trips and nature programs to introduce adults and families to the history, habitats and wildlife of the Mill River. LWTB has engaged Seatuck as an implementation partner able to help achieve the project’s social resiliency objectives.