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Policy Manuals

Policy Manuals


Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan (RARAP)

NY Rising Buyouts and Acquisitions

NY Rising Condominium and Cooperative

NY Rising Rental Properties Program

NY Rising Single Family Homeowner

Rebuild By Design — Living Breakwaters

NY Rising Affordable Housing Fund

National Disaster Resilience (NDR)

Rebuild By Design — Living with the Bay

NY Rising Community Reconstruction

Bureau of Environmental Review and Assessment (BERA)

NY Rising Recapture

NY Rising Small Business Recovery

NY Rising Procurement Policies

NY Rising Infrastructure

GOSR is committed to making information and resources available to all New Yorkers. As part of this objective, and in accordance with the agency's federal mandate, GOSR provides foreign language translations of all vital documents. Because manuals are updated as programs and policies change and evolve, they must be re-translated on a recurring basis. If you are not immediately able to locate the translation that you require, please note that it is likely in the process of being translated and will be posted as quickly as possible.