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Co-op & Condo Program

The Cooperative and Condominium Recovery Program provides assistance for owner-occupied units that are being used as places of primary residence, either by the unit owner or by renters on a full-time, year-round basis. Condominium Associations and Cooperative Boards may be eligible for storm-related damages to repair a building’s common elements, such as lobbies, hallways and mechanical systems.
As of July 12, 2016,  the NY Rising Cooperative and Condominium Program is no longer accepting new applications. If you have any questions please contact your Customer Representative or call 1-844-9NYRISING.


What are my requirements to respond to the results of the on-site inspections?

If the Program’s inspectors find that the Association’s property does not meet basic standards for decent and safe conditions for residency, the Association will have to make repairs to meet basic habitability standards at its own expense prior to receiving its first grant award. If lead or asbestos is found above government risk levels during an inspection, the Association will need to perform remediation to remove these hazards. The Program can perform such remediation at no cost to the Association. Please consult the Program Guidebook for more information on inspections and resulting requirements.

What if I don’t agree with the Program’s determination of my award?

Applicants may file a clarification to request an additional review of the Program’s determination of Duplication of Benefits, the Program’s determination of living unit residency, or the Program’s determination of repair completion date. If you disagree with the results of the clarification review, you may file a formal appeal. The Program’s decisions on allowable repairs cannot be appealed. Please consult the Program Guidebook or your Customer Representative for more information on filing a clarification or appeal.

What is substantial damage and substantial improvement?

Properties are considered substantially damaged when the cost to repair storm damage exceeds 50% of the pre-storm value of the structure. Similarly, buildings are substantially improved when the total value of construction exceeds 50% of the structure value. Most jurisdictions require structures in the 100-Year floodplain to elevate in compliance with current floodplain maps when the structure has been substantially damaged or is being substantially improved. The Program must ensure all properties receiving grant funds are repaired in accordance with the local jurisdiction floodplain requirements. Please consult the Program Guidebook for more information on documenting compliance with substantial damage and substantial improvement regulations.