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The FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program

The FEMA Public Assistance (PA ) Program covers immediate post-storm response needs such as debris removal and emergency protective measures, and provides funding to return publically-owned infrastructure that was damaged - including roads, schools, bridges, parks, hospitals, police stations, fire houses, water/wastewater treatment facilities and other public facilities - to its pre-storm condition.


To ensure that impacted entities can continue with their recovery without the need to borrow funds, dip into emergency reserves, or pass the costs along to local taxpayers, the Governor's office directed that State-allocated CDBG-DR funds be used to cover the match costs associated with PA projects.
To remain in the PA match program, the following training webinar hosted by GOSR discusses HUD compliance requirements, including M/WBE, Section 3, and Davis-Bacon. This TA webinar will be available to view beginning on August 3, 2016. All applicants must complete the questions in the Survey Monkey to demonstrate that they have watched this mandatory webinar.

Webinar - FEMA PA Match Program

Section 3, M/WBE, Davis-Bacon & Reporting Technical Assistance

This presentation will be available for viewing beginning August 3, 2016.

Thank you for watching this webinar. In order to confirm your participation please take the survey below and answer the three quick questions.

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If you have any further questions, please send them to: [email protected]

Elation systems Information

The following FEMA PA applicants are eligible to receive assistance through the FEMA PA match program.  (PA applicants located in New York City boroughs are not currently eligible for this program.)

The following FEMA PA applicants expressed an interest in receiving assistance through the FEMA PA match program.

The following FEMA PA applicants have attended the mandatory PA match program technical assistance training that is a requirement to receive assistance through the program.

The Governor's Office of Storm Recovery has conducted ongoing technical assistance training events for the PA Match Program. These events have been administered throughout 13 counties statewide, as well as via convenient webinars.


Federal Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage:

New York State Prevailing Wage: