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Governor’s office of storm recovery (GOSR)

GOSR and Partners Hold Second Annual “Day in the Life of the Mill River” Event

Mill River Photo

GOSR and Partners Hold Second Annual “Day in the Life of the Mill River” Event On Friday, November 3, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) — in coordination with Seatuck Environmental Association, Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Portal to Discovery, and the Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission— organized the second annual “Day in the Life of Mill River” event.

The program engages fifth grade students from the Baldwin, Wantagh and Lynbrook school districts in collecting scientific information that will contribute to a one-day snapshot of conditions in the Mill River. Working alongside scientists and environmental educators, teams of students investigated aquatic life, examined water chemistry and quality, studied biodiversity and assessed weather at a variety of locations along the river from Hempstead Lake State Park south to Nassau County Bay Park.

The "Day in The Life" event complements GOSR's $125 million Living with the Bay Project, which is now taking shape in the area.

“As the Living with the Bay Project continues to take shape, New York State remains committed to driving social resiliency programs such as this one,” said Laura Munafo, GOSR’s Deputy Director for the NY Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR) Program on Long Island. “These children are the next generation of environmental stewards for Long Island’s communities — so many of which were greatly affected by Superstorm Sandy. The ‘Day in the Life of the Mill River’ is mutually beneficial to the students who participate, and to us, as we continue to move forward with resiliency projects in the region.”

"Seatuck is always thrilled to get young people outside and engaged in the natural world,” said Executive Director of Seatuck, Enrico Nardone. “The data the students collect as part of the ‘Day in the Life’ program will help us build a more robust understanding of the health of the Mill River and the benefits of their hands-on experience will pay even greater dividends in the long run."

Developed through the federal Rebuild By Design (RBD) Competition, the Living with the Bay Project offers a series of integrated solutions to better address storm water management and improve the safety and quality of life for residents who live around the Mill River.

For more information about Living with the Bay, visit: