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Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

GOSR Joins Seatuck Environmental Association to Host Mill River Waterfowl Walk

Waterfowl Walk Pic

On Saturday, December 2, the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery's (GOSR) Rebuild By Design (RBD) Living with the Bay team partnered with the Seatuck Environmental Association to host a Mill River Waterfowl Walk in Nassau County, Long Island. The event allowed members of the public, including children, to learn about the local environment and ecosystems, and observe many species of migratory waterfowl in and around the river.

In total, the group counted dozens of distinct species, including the Green-Winged Teal, Northern Shoveler and the American Wigeon. A mature Bald Eagle also made an appearance.

“As we work to enhance the resiliency of these areas, we also seek to preserve and protect our precious natural resources, eco-systems and native plant and animal species,” said Laura Munafo, GOSR’s Deputy Director for the NY Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR) Program on Long Island and the RBD Living with the Bay Project. “Events such as this one allow local residents to learn about the beauty in their own backyards, while becoming better acquainted with the objectives of the Living with the Bay Project, as well as other initiatives being carried out by GOSR.”