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Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

GOSR Participates In Smith Pond Clean-Up

Mill Pond Photo

On Saturday, October 21, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) participated in a litter clean-up event at Rockville Centre’s Smith Pond, sponsored by Senator Todd Kaminsky. The undertaking united GOSR staff with a wide range of participants, including representatives from the office of Senator Kaminsky, the Boy Scouts, Rockville Centre staff, Living with the Bay Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) members, and many other local groups.

Over a span of two hours, the volunteers collected more than 50 bags of litter from around the pond. GOSR also used the opportunity to display renderings of planned improvements for the Smith Pond area, including the creation of a greenway; dredging to improve the native habitat; improvements to wetlands for better and more habitable water quality; the installation of a fish ladder to allow river herring access to the pond for breeding; removal of invasive species; and the installation of floodwalls to protect nearby homes from flooding.

Mill Pond Slider Photo

The Smith Pond clean-up corresponds with larger, integrated revitalization efforts being made by GOSR through the $125 million Living with the Bay Project. The project was developed through the federal Rebuild By Design (RBD) Competition and will utilize a number of targeted strategies to promote resiliency, restore natural habitats, and cultivate healthier eco-systems in Nassau County, Long Island.