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Living Breakwaters Construction Update - July 2022


In July, the contractor finished placing most of the armor stone and ecologically-enhanced concrete tidepool units on Breakwater ‘B’ as well as making adjustments to Breakwater ‘A’. Navigation aids will be installed on the east and west ends of Breakwater ‘A’ and ‘B’ when stone placement operation is complete. In the coming weeks, the Contractor will start placing core and toe stones on Breakwater ‘C’ to the east of Breakwater ‘B’. Work on Breakwater ‘D’ will follow.

The construction team also finished producing all ECOncrete™ ecologically-enhanced concrete armor and tidepool units for the project in July. Most of the units will be stored at New Jersey Precast Plant (in Trenton, NJ) before being transferred to site and placed onto their respective breakwaters. At the Port of Coeymans (in Ravena, NY), marine mattresses will be brought down by barges to the project site in preparation for base layer construction at Breakwater ‘E’ later in the year. Stone production at Carver Quarry (in Johnstown, NY) is also continuing.

The team also had a successful breakfast shore walk with the Living Breakwaters project’s Citizen Advisory Committee to observe ongoing work. You can find more information on what you can see from the shore in this month’s fun fact below.

What can you see from the shoreline?

The breakwaters are located about 1000 ft from shore. Current construction activities can be observed from the beach of Conference House Park. You will see the red W537 e-crane picking up stone from the material barge and placing it onto the Breakwater ‘A’ and ‘B’. The crane is equipped with a grapple to lift armor stone and a bucket to handle smaller core stone. You will also see two yellow amphibious excavators working alongside the W537 to make adjustments to the stone placement. These excavators work like land-based excavators except that they are affixed to pontoons and float!

Living Breakwaters Project AreaLiving Breakwaters Project Area

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Sunday, July 31, 2022