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Southeast Brooklyn Waterfront


The completion of a NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan is an important step toward rebuilding a more resilient community. Designed and driven by local communities, the plans account for specific needs, opportunities and strategies of cities, towns and villages throughout the State. Each locality is eligible for between $3 million and $25 million of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, as it implements new and innovative strategies that aim to establish a stronger and better future. NOTE: The NY Rising Community Reconstruction plans referenced on these pages are comprehensive planning documents created by and for the affected communities. For this reason, the documents describe projects that were discussed; however, not all of these were selected by the community as priorities to be funded.

Committee Members

  • Southeast Brooklyn Waterfront Committee Members

    Greg Borruso - 63rd Precint Community Council/ Owner, Marine Park Hardware

    Saul Needle - Community Board 18, Mill Island Civic Association

    Jim Ivaliotis - Past President Marine Park Civic Association

    Robert (Bob) Tracey - Marine Park Civic Association/Tracey Real Estate

    Ed Scafidi - Fillmore Gardens co-op (Mill Basin)

    John Piccirillo - Bergen Beach Civic Association

    Joe Dai - Bergen Beach Civic Association

    Tom Whitford - Marine Park Civic Association

    Maria D'Alessandro - Marine Park Alliance

    Shea Rubenstein - JCC Marine Park

    Alicia Hamill - Marine Park Alliance