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Governor’s office of storm recovery (GOSR)

Ulster County Communities

(Includes the Town and Village of New Paltz, Town and Village of Saugerties, Town of Wawarsing, Village of Ellenville, Town of Rochester, Town of Olive, Town of Woodstock, and Town of Rosendale)


The completion of a NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan is an important step toward rebuilding a more resilient community. Designed and driven by local communities, the plans account for specific needs, opportunities and strategies of cities, towns and villages throughout the State. Each locality is eligible for between $3 million and $25 million of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, as it implements new and innovative strategies that aim to establish a stronger and better future.

Committee Members

  • Ulster County Communities

    Co-Chair Ms.Julie Robbins

    Co-ChairMr. Steve Kelley

    Committee Member    

    Mr.Hank Alicandri

    Mr.Mike Avery

    Mr.Vernon Benjamin

    Mr.Michael Berg

    Mr.Dennis Doyle

    Mr.Peter Ferrante

    Ms.Laura Finestone

    Mr.Steve Finkle

    Ms.Helen Gufreund

    Ms.Liz    Harschow

    Mr.Ken    Hassett

    Ms.Mary    Heyer

    Mr.Edward Kahil

    Mr.Dennis Kaye

    Mr.Ray Lunati

    Mr.Sam Magarelli

    Mr.Chris Marx

    Ms.Sara    McGinty

    Mr.Joseph Miller

    Ms.Kelly Myers

    Mr.Brian Obach

    Mr.Mario Occhi

    Ms.Karen Osterhoudt

    Mr.Tony    Paes

    Mr.Mike    Reynolds


    Ms.Mary    Rosado

    Mr.John    Schoonmaker

    Ms.Mary    Sheeley

    Ms.Veronica Sommer

    Mr.Joe    Stoeckler

    Mr.Richard Travers

    Mr.Patrick Wadden

    Mr.Alex    Wade

    Honorable Susan    Zimet

    Honorable Jeanne    Walsh

    Honorable Greg Helsmoortel

    Honorable Carl Chipman

    Honorable Leonard Distel

    Honorable Sylvia Rozzelli

    Honorable Jeffery Kaplan

    Honorable William Murphy

    Honorable Jeremy Wilber

    Honorable Rebecca Rotzler

  • Julie Robbins


  • Steve Kelley


  • Sylvia Rozzelle
  • John Schoonmaker Jr.
  • Michael Smith
  • Mike Avery
  • Ray Lunati
  • Rebecca Rotzler
  • Mary Sheeley
  • Michael Berg
  • Sam Magarelli
  • Veronica Sommer
  • Kathleen Capella
  • Chris Marx
  • Joe Stoeckler
  • Scott Carlsen
  • Sara McGinty
  • Richard Travers
  • Carl Chipman
  • Joseph Miller
  • Patrick Wadden
  • Dennis Doyle
  • William Murphy
  • Alex Wade
  • Peter Ferrante
  • Kelly Myers
  • Jeanne Walsh
  • Laura Finestone
  • Brian Obach
  • Jeremy Wilber
  • Steve Finkle
  • Mario Occhi
  • Susan Zimet
  • Liz Harschow
  • Karen Osterhoudt
  • Ken Hasset
  • Tony Paes
  • Mary Heyer
  • Kenneth Panza
  • Edward Kahil
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Jeffery Kaplan
  • Randy Ricks
  • Dennis Kaye
  • Michael Rogers
  • Hank Alicandri
  • Berndt Leifeld
  • Mary Rosado