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Village of Washingtonville


The completion of a NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan is an important step toward rebuilding a more resilient community. Designed and driven by local communities, the plans account for specific needs, opportunities and strategies of cities, towns and villages throughout the State. Each locality is eligible for between $3 million and $25 million of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, as it implements new and innovative strategies that aim to establish a stronger and better future. NOTE: The NY Rising Community Reconstruction plans referenced on these pages are comprehensive planning documents created by and for the affected communities. For this reason, the documents describe projects that were discussed; however, not all of these were selected by the community as priorities to be funded.

Committee Members

  • Village of Washingtonville

    Co-Chair Mr. Rick Lewis

    Co-chair Ms. Ruth Manyin

    Committee Member    

    Ms.Kelly Dobbins

    Mr.Joseph Galante

    Mr.Richard Mayfield

    Mr.Brandon Nielsen

    Ms.Jeanne Oversen

    Ms.Nancy Proyect

    Mr.Matt    Ryan

    Ms.Gabriele Spear

    Ms.Jeanette McKay

    Ms.Jeanne Versweyveld

    Mr.James Casazza

    Honorable David    Heintz

  • Rick Lewis


  • Ruth Manyin


  • James Casazza
  • Janette McKay
  • Jeanne Versweyveld
  • Brandon Nielsen
  • Kelly Dobbins
  • Joe Galante
  • David Heintz
  • Jonah Mandelbaum
  • Richard Mayfield
  • Jeanne Overton
  • Nancy Proyect
  • Matt Ryan
  • Gabriele Spear