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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB)

The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Program (SDVOB) was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in 2014 and is administered by the New York State Office of General Services (NYSOGS). The purpose of the program is to identify procurement and contracting opportunities for companies owned by service-disabled veterans and achieve a participation goal of 6 percent.


In 2017, we developed a multi-pronged strategy for the creation and implementation of its SDVOB goal plan. To do this, the agency formed an inter-departmental working group, which tasked the Office of Diversity and Civil Rights (DCR) with the provision of training and technical assistance; the Monitoring and Compliance Department (MCD) with the development of processes and the collection of data to be compiled into quarterly reports; and the Procurement Department with the inclusion of SDVOB requirements in our Request for Proposal (RFP) postings dated after April 1, 2016.


*In 2019, the functions of the DCR were incorporated into the Compliance branch of the MCD.


When practical, feasible and appropriate, we will seek to achieve a 6 percent goal on all direct contracts that do not meet withstanding exemptions or exclusions. We shall evaluate applicable exemptions and exclusions annually to identify opportunities for SDVOBs. We shall make all practial, feasible and appropriate efforts to meet its SDVOB goals through the provision of training and technical assistance to applicable participating entities and to certified SDVOBs who reach out.


OGS has certified more than 300 SDVOB firms, which cover services such as commodities, construction, construction-related professional services, IT, financial services and specialty services. 


Click here for further information on our SDVOB utilization.


For more information and to access the NYS OGS Directory of Certified SDVOB, visit here.