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Governor’s office of storm recovery (GOSR)

Tottenville Shoreline Protection Project

The Tottenville Shoreline Protection Project (TSPP) – formerly the Tottenville Dunes Project - was developed through the New York Rising Community Reconstruction process on Staten Island, and is being funded by $9.3 million in CDBG-DR. While TSPP is a separate project being design by a separate design team, it is being analyzed with the Living Breakwater project as part of one, joint Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The project area for TSPP runs along the Tottenville shoreline from the eastern end of Conference House Park to Page Avenue, with the primary focus on the shoreline between Brighton Street in the south to Joline Avenue in the north. An existing temporary dune (trap bag system covered with sand and beach grass) has been implemented in this area by NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. As part of the layered approach, TSPP will work in conjunction with Living Breakwaters to create a multi-tiered approach to shoreline resiliency, building in multiple lines of defense into the final design. TSPP has similar design objectives to the Living Breakwaters project, including risk reduction through raising the shoreline, ecological enhancement through green infrastructure and native plantings, and social resiliency through continuous shoreline access and pathways.

The TSPP project currently consists of four design elements:

  1. An earthen berm from Swinnerton Street to Brighton Streets;
  2. A stone-core sand-capped dune from Brighton Street to Loretto Street;
  3. An eco-revetment from Loretto Street to Sprague Avenue; and
  4. A raised edge from Sprague Avenue to Page Avenue.

The entire system would include native plantings and a continuous trail system along the shoreline in Conference House Park. The exact dimensions and placement of these elements is under design and refinement. The schematic design (30% design) level is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016.  More information on the project will be posted here as design progresses. 

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